Spring Kids Activities

Be a Star Trek Character with TrekYourself!

Ever wanted to be a Vulcan, a Romulus, or a Star Trek Captain? Now you can be with TrekYourself!

Paramount has teamed up with Cheeze-Its, Kelloggs and Keebler to build this completely awesome Star Trek widget that enables you to upload your own photo and become a Star Trek character. How cool is this?!

Be sure to check out all of our Star Trek downloads, movie photos, goodies and printables while you are here, too!

Free Online Kids Game: Invasion of the Space Invaders

You’re an alien in disguise, kidnapping earthlings! This online alien game is both funny and fun, be a part of the Earth invasion!

Star Fire Free Space Adventure Game

Defend Earth against waves of alien ships! You are the star fighter, here to save the galaxy from evil! This game is great for all ages, but also easy enough for children as young as 4 or 5.